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RE: Apache XML Configuration Directives

From: Kleinmann, Peter G <pklein@lehman.com>
Date: Wed, 5 Jul 2000 10:30:55 -0400
Message-ID: <8109C48648BFD111BBE20000F81F2936063DB4A9@exnyc05.lehman.com>
To: "'Wayne Milsted'" <Wayne.Milsted@oracle.com>, www-rdf-config@w3.org

Hi Wayne,

I think its great that you are interested in involving yourself and possibly
team in apache development, particularly with XML configuration.  Speaking
for myself,  I have not seen any other emails on this list
in several months, so its great that you wrote in, since there is certainly
much documentation on XML apache configuration  on the apache site (if I
it, my apologies to its authors and to you).

Since I haven't seen anything, I'd like to propose the following regarding
XML based configuration - 

Purpose - put apache configuration (server, modules, sites) in XML, it make
easier to build run-time configuration tools, particularly remote
administration tools.

Plan -

A.. survey existing configuration needs, and devise a Schema (I think RDF is
dead) - 
although I believe some time ago StefanoMazzochi stated that he did not like
the way 
configuration was scoped in his own apache jserv,  I think jserv provides an
starting point.  I vaguely remember a config section related to the server,
to individual 
servlets, and to virtual sites.  I would argue that the httpd's
configuration could 
similarly be broken down into config for the server, config for modules, and
config for 
virtual sites.

B.  write a XSLT style sheet to translate between the schema developed in A,
what today's server uses. 

C.  Popularize XML config for new modules.  

D. replace config file reading code in httpd server to calls to an XML

This is not a real plan, but think first about the kinds of benefits the
apache user community 
could derive from XML configuration (like remote administration tools).

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> From:	Wayne Milsted [SMTP:Wayne.Milsted@oracle.com]
> Sent:	Friday, June 30, 2000 1:55 PM
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> Subject:	Apache XML Configuration Directives
> Hi,
> I'm Wayne Milsted with the Oracle Corporation.  I would like for my team
> to be involved with some Apache open source work.  My team has strong
> skills in XML, Java and C.  Is there some way we can be of help?  Can
> you point me to some documents that shows me where you are in your
> project?
> Thanks,
> Wayne Milsted
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