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Expressing operators and functions in RDF

From: Stephane Fellah <fellah@pcigeomatics.com>
Date: Fri, 31 Oct 2003 17:45:49 -0500
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I am working on the design of a OWL ontology for operations and
functions (some are spatial and temporal) that can be used by a Rule
language (for example current draft OWL Rules). Prior developing the
ontology, I am trying to produce some examples in RDF-XML syntax to
express these operations/functions. CWM has already some build-in

I can distinguish 3 cases for the moment:

Case 1: binary operator using a Resource as left operand : 

Example: (Polygon perimeter 20)

This is the easiest case.

Case 2: binary operator using a Literal as left operand  : 

example  ( -1 absoluteValue 1). 

In this case, the literal needs to be placed in a List (of
In RDF it should look like this:


Is there a more compact way to express this using
rdf:parseType="Collection" ? The RDF specification does not seem to
provide a syntax for this. 

Case 3: operator with a arity >=3

Example : (1,2) sum 3 

In this the n-ary relationship I use a RDF List for the Subject.

     <rdf:rest parseType="Resource">

Once again, is there any more compact and readable way to express this
using rdf:Parse="Collection when element of a list are literal ? I am
finding the RDF syntax quite ugly if parseCollection cannot be used.
Your improvements are welcome.

Is the approach I am taking for expressing operators seems to you OK, or
am I on the wrong track to express operators and functions in RDF ?. 

Best regards
Stephane Fellah
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