Gracias - I plan to read much, write little.  Expect no more e-mails form me for a long while.

>From: Frank Manola
>To: Ivon Fergus
>Subject: Re: I'm Confused About RDF: A Subject is Not A Predicate, etc.
>Date: Mon, 13 May 2002 18:27:35 -0400
>This may not cause you to change your mind about anything, but the
>is that you are not the only person that has complained about "parts
>speech" in English descriptions of RDF examples not always being
>parallel with the "same-named" parts of the RDF expressions
> We had several comments about that on earlier versions of the RDF
>Primer, so we changed the English descriptions around to make them
>parallel. The result is that the English isn't as natural as it
>be (we are talking here about making the English parallel to an
>artificial language, after all), but the subjects, objects, and
>predicates match up (or match up better anyway). Check out the
>at and tell us if you still think
>confusing (this sort of plug being part of my job as Editor!).
>Ivon Fergus wrote:
>>Thank you for the response. I plan to do much reading and little
>>on this topic, which I obviously know little about. So, don't
>>any futher e-mails form me in the foreseeable future.
>>However, I deeply appreciate your attempts to help me. Perhaps you
>>to indicate to Dr. Ogbuji that the example that you used in your
>>response is likely to be more clear to us old-timers trying to
>>learn new
>>tricks. On another note, your comments on my prior e-mail show
>>that I
>>lack education in post-Aristotelian logic. I concur; my only
>>course even close to the field of modern mathematical logic
>>was Introduction to Modern Algebra, textbook by Neal H. McCoy,
>>of 1968, which I took in about 1970. Subsequently, I have read
>>extensively in a few books that were oriented to writing better
>>programs in Fortran in the 1970's and which discussed logic a bit.
>>then I have only dabbled in logic on the level of: All Greeks are
>>AND Socrates is a Greek; therefore, Socrates is a liar. (A poor
>>example, but one which came to me quickly.) Recently, however, my
>>son ! an! ! d I have begun working on some projects using XML,
>>etc. so I'm reading a lot of relevant books and articles on this
>>but Dr. Ogbuji's example in that article threw me completely off.
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