Nov. 14th, 2001
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Our new pick is Freestar Technologies, Inc. 


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A Revolutionary Concept

Do you feel safe when making online purchases? Probably not.
According to Forrester Research, two-thirds of Americans worry about the misuse of personal information submitted online.
  In fact, Forrester estimates that these fears caused Americans to spend an astounding $12 billion less online than they might have otherwise!

A recent article featured on stated that:
"Online retailers are losing nearly half of their potential sales because many consumers are simply afraid to shop on the Internet. Half!"

This article goes on to state that:
"The good news for merchants is that the tools they need are available today. Now it's time to deploy them and market them."

Tonight we present to you a company doing just this. FSTI's Enhanced Transactional Secure Software (ETSS) a cutting-edge software package that, when bundled with FSTI's PaySafeNow˙FFFFA9 system, allows internet users to make online purchases without having to worry.  

You will be the one to directly swipe your card through a home-based device connected to your computer. Throughout each transaction, you will have complete comfort in the knowledge that your account data is neither seen nor stored by the merchant. Quicker and safer.

Businesses will no longer need to worry about eating the cost of fraudulent payments - since
ETSS immediately links the customer's payment information to his/her bank, the merchant will know about any and all fraudulent transactions right away.

This revolutionary concept has caught the eye of the technology world.  Read more about numerous exciting developments below.


Key Investment Highlights

  FSTI makes significant leaps forward: every one of 
  these developments has been annouced within just the past 30 days.
  • FSTI has teamed up with SSP Solutions (Nasdaq: SSPX), to create the first fully secure Internet ATM transaction solution available. SSP Solutions is currently demonstrating this product at COMDEX in Las Vegas, one of the world's largest technology shows." SSPX will also market and sell Freestar's ETSS software first in the United States and then in other parts of the world. 

  • On October 23rd, FSTI announced that a cash deposit of US$900,000 has been transferred to the company. This will be used to pay part of the costs to produce 66,000 card readers, a key step in the implementation of the Company's PaySafeNow˙FFFFA9 System. The card reader hardware units will be distributed and resold to Freestar's clients pursuant to existing contracts in place.

  • This $900,000 payment will also allow FSTI to expedite the first phase of its contract with Banco Nacional de Credito to distribute 30,000 PaySafeNow units into the marketplace.

  • FSTI˙FFFF92s PaySafeNow˙FFFFA9  with ETSS is endorsed and certified by Banco Nacional de Credito, a division of the National Financial Group (GFN), a principal financial institution in the Caribbean and Latin American region.

  • On October 30th, FSTI announced the signing of a revenue-sharing contract with Credulus Systems International to market credit analysis systems and services to the financial services industry in Latin America.

  • On November 12th, FSTI was approved for listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. The stock is now trading in Europe under the ticker symbol FRX.FSE.  All European investors now have access to Freestar Technologies, as stock may be purchased in Euros on the Frankfurt Exchange.  The German-speaking market represents over 100,000,000 people, many of whom are active in the world financial markets.  With the increasing number of international requests for its system, this represents a tremendous opportunity for FSTI to expand its global reach.


Stay Tuned for More

      These major developments were all announced within the 
     past 30 days. The company is clearly expanding its presence at 
     a rapid pace.
Stay tuned for more positive developments 
      over the days and weeks to come.

A Final Word

˙FFFF93Due to the explosive growth of e-commerce, it is only logical  
fraudulent activity on the Internet will experience similar 
  growth and today˙FFFF92s sophisticated consumer has a right to be 
  concerned about issues such as security, fraud and privacy 
  while online
    -US Internet Fraud Authority

The numbers don't lie.  People are worried about making purchases 
  online. Businesses worry about consumer fraud.  FSTI's
  with ETSS offers the world a new, safer and more efficient way to 
  conduct transactions online.
FSTI's most recent announcements have 
  been nothing short of impressive.


  • Incoming cash flow

  • A backlog of purchase agreements 

  • Numerous marketing and distribution arrangements

  • An international stock exchange listing

  • And other impressive relationships...

 FSTI is certainly worth a closer look at its current price of 
 just  36 cents per share.

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