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Sofotex Newsletter for 22-Nov-2001

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Sofotex Weekly Newsletter
New software downloads for week ending 21-Nov-2001
The source for best software downloads
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- From Our Sponsor
- PlanBee project management planning tool
- TransMac
- CrossFont
- BrowserBob 
- ParseRat File Parser
- Idem File Synchronization
- AudioMagic 2.34
- Toolshack
- 32-bit S-PicView
- AudioPLUS
- Doctor Web
- Opera 6.0 for Windows
- Catalogue
- WinTopMost
- AntiVir® Personal Edition
- SERanker
- Stop Advertising Blindly
- Log Info
- Drape: Drawing Programming Environment
- Comics Organizer
- Pokemon Trading Card Manager 
- Pokémon Deck Builder
- Disney Thanksgiving
- Run Turkey Run 1.0
- Thanksgiving Screen Saver
- Advertise
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PlanBee project management planning tool (added: 15-Nov-2001)
Critical Path Project Management planning tool. Inexpensive
alternative to MS Project.

TransMac (added: 15-Nov-2001)
TransMac is a Windows program that can copy files to and
from Macintosh disks. Most disk types are supported
including diskettes, CD-ROMs, hard drives, and most
removable media. Features include ....

CrossFont (added: 15-Nov-2001)
CrossFont is a Windows program that can convert TrueType and
PostScript Type1 fonts between Macintosh and PC platforms.
Features include ....

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BrowserBob - design your own freeform ... (added: 15-Nov-2001)
Build your own freeform browser with own pics, sounds & more
based on MS IE 4+ functionality.(must have IE 4 or higher

ParseRat File Parser, Converter, Restructurer (added: 15-Nov-2001)
Parse, convert,  restructure files and databases. Reads most
files including XML, page image print files from other
processes, fixed format, delimited, dBase, structured binary

Idem File Synchronization and folder replication, backup (added: 17-Nov-2001)
Idem automates file synchronization and data replication.
Backup critical data from a computer location to another.
Ability to fully preserve Macintosh filenames and structures
when stored on a Windows NT/2000 server.

AudioMagic 2.34 (added: 17-Nov-2001)
Easy to use digital audio capturing & editing software for
Win 9x/Me/NT/2000/XP. Some of the features are block
editing, sound activated record, loop record and command
line option. It allows recording, playing and editing large
PCM WAV files, directly to/from hard disk. It supports ...

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Toolshack (added: 17-Nov-2001)
Web tools and webmaster resources, including: traffic
statistics, site monitoring, banner exchange, search engine
submission, more...


32-bit S-PicView (added: 19-Nov-2001)
S-PicView is an easy-to-use but powerful and fast image
viewer and more. It offers thumbnail previewing, slide-show, and
batch format conversion and resizing. Plus, it provides
basic image-editing effects. It support BMP, DCX, .....

AudioPLUS (added: 19-Nov-2001)
AudioPLUS is an application that allows
you to playback MPEG-audio files. It support
MP2 and MP3 formats. You can playback a lot
of files using playlists. 

Doctor Web (added: 19-Nov-2001)
Doctor Web, antivirus scanner detects and removes viruses.
The program's main features are: a heuristic analyzer that
detects unknown infectors, memory check under different
operating systems, ability to check archived files, easy
update of the virus databases via the Internet, etc.

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Award-Winning ZoneAlarm Pro! ZoneAlarm Pro is the award-winning 
personal firewall that automatically blocks known and unknown 
Internet threats, barricading your PC against hackers and data
thieves. It's easy to install and use.

Opera 6.0 for Windows (added: 19-Nov-2001)
Opera fastest browser on earth, a browser with an array of
new and improved features, including a completely new
default user interface, skins, buttons and panels.

Easily manage documents, files properties, create HTML reports (added: 18-Nov-2001)
Catalogue is a file explorer utility that enables to quickly
view, manage and automatically generate HTML reports of
Microsoft Office documents properties or Windows 2000 files

Put any window always on top  and/or disable X close buttons (added: 18-Nov-2001)
With WinTopMost desktop utility you can : - manage
automatically applications to be always visible on your
desktop = topmost when running, disable the close button 
AntiVir® Personal Edition (added: 19-Nov-2001)
The AntiVir Personal Edition offers the effective protection
against computer viruses for the individual and private use
on a single PC-workstation.

SERanker (added: 20-Nov-2001)
SERanker is a FREE ranking tool designed for webmasters to
better understand their place among various search engines
on the Internet.

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Stop Advertising Blindly (added: 20-Nov-2001)
X-RAY your e-Commerce trafiic. We utilize innovative
technologies to analyze the effectiveness of banner ads,
keywords from search engines, link placements in E-Zines or
other advertising or promotional campaigns.

Log Info (added: 20-Nov-2001)
Log Info is a ingenious utility that enables quick machine
inventory in one simple launch. Great utility to assist in
end of the year budgeting for new equipment, gathering
computer assets or simple company audits.

Drape: Drawing Programming Environment   v. 2.0 (added: 20-Nov-2001)
Drape was written to teach children some basic aspects of
programming. It has some resemblance to Logo but Drape is
completely visually oriented. Children don't need to be able
to read....

Comics Organizer   v. 1.9a (added: 20-Nov-2001)
A database for keeping track of your comic collection.
COMICS ORGANIZER contains many valuable features, such as
quick lists of Publishers, Pencilers, Writers, and more.

Pokemon Trading Card Manager   v. 1.4 (added: 20-Nov-2001)
This program will track and manage your collection of
Pokemon battle cards. It can do all those wonderful things
which you had to do by hand earlier, such as creating
personal card lists, swaps lists and needs lists! It
supports the following card sets; Basic; ...

Pokémon Deck Builder   v. 1.2 (added: 20-Nov-2001)
Build, edit, save and print your Pokemon Card Fame
decks.Watching my 9 year old son put together decks on the
living room floor with cards spread out over the entire
floor, ...

Disney Thanksgiving (added: 21-Nov-2001)
Mickey and the gang want to wish you a happy Thanksgiving.
This wonderful themepack includes original icons and
animations, startup/shutdowns, sound, and a great matching
screensaver. "Hey, Minnie, pass the turkey."

Run Turkey Run 1.0 (added: 21-Nov-2001)
Run Turkey Run is a fast-paced thriller that will keep you
glued to your chair for hours. In the game, you play a young
turkey who must avoid the hunger of slimy worms and nasty

Thanksgiving Screen Saver 1.0 (added: 21-Nov-2001)
This is an excellent Thanksgiving-themed screensaver with
turkeys, pilgrims, food, and more. All characters move
around the screen. This screensaver comes with sounds that
will be a hit in your office or at home

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