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Re: refactoring RDF/XML Syntax

From: Aaron Swartz <aswartz@upclink.com>
Date: Sun, 14 Oct 2001 12:15:12 -0500
Cc: shelleyp@burningbird.net, www-rdf-comments@w3.org
To: Shelley Powers <shelleyp@theburningbird.com>
Message-Id: <072DA86D-C0C7-11D5-AFD7-003065D5CE46@upclink.com>
On Wednesday, September 12, 2001, at 12:53  PM, Shelley Powers wrote:

> Wouldn't the process of updating or modifying a released 
> specification be to start a
> new release version of the specification? In other words, since 
> the RDF Model and
> Syntax are currently a W3C initial recommendation, wouldn't new 
> effort that actually
> makes modification to this specification be release 1.1, or 
> even perhaps 2.0? This
> isn't errata -- this effort is a redesign of parts of the 
> specification.

Hmm, the working group has tried to be very careful in making 
sure that the modifications to the specification be in the 
spirit of backwards compatibility and clarification. We're 
trying not to cause problems for anyone using RDF 1.0 tools.

Can you point to a specific item that you think is more of a 
change to the RDF specification than a clarification? What's 
causing problems for you?

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