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Allow me to intruduce you to the Da Vinci Directory.

The Da Vinci Directory brings together, under one roof, thousands of manufacturers, suppliers and resellers of art materials throughout the world. It is by far the most complete databank of resources for artists, manufacturers, suppliers and resellers of art materials worldwide. Here artists, will find everything they will ever need for their creative processes. Manufacturers, suppliers and resellers will find this to be an excellent source for new clients on all levels, as well.

1. Your business will be exposed to a vast, worldwide audience especially suited for your products and services! This alone is worth your involvement!
2. The Da Vinci Directory will be your most important window of display for your products and services. In the case of the retailer of art supplies, individual artists as well as art associations, organizations and clubs worldwide will know of your existence and refer to you for their supplies; for the reseller/wholesaler, you will be exposed to new retailers who will want to do business with you; and for the manufacturer, your client base will increase due to exposure to the entire the world of art retailers.
3. The Da Vinci Directory will be announced to thousands of artists both on and off the web. It will be featured in magazines, and have many news writeups throughout world publications.
4. In the case where a business does not as yet have a website, the Da Vinci Directory will be your web presence-and your gateway to world exposure!
5. A Search Engine on the Da Vinci Directory website will help potential clients find you at the click of a mouse.

The Leonardo Da Vinci World Online Directory of Manufacturers, Suppliers & Resellers of Art Materials will feature...
1. Articles on product lines, new products, and so on;
2. News on company and product developments;
3. Spotlight on a company of the month;
4. Spotlight on new and original products;
5. History and development of selected art tools;
6. Announcements of new and/or improved products and/or services a manufacturer and/or reseller/retailer provides;
7. Market trends to keep your firm abreast of what transpires in the art trade & industry;
8. Reports on significant news that could benefit your business;
9. Links to competitors so that you can stay on top of the game;
10. a WHO's WHO in the world of art commerce;
11. Highlights of the strength of chosen products and services.

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The Da Vinci Directory is a marketing tool
doing for your firm
what would be impossible to achieve otherwise.

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Membership is through subscription only. Please inquire about our subscription rates.

The Da Vinci Art Directory allots web space to its members. The web space will be used to post a webpage(s) prepared by our staff and will contain a Profile of the member company along with its commercial activities and products/services offered the public. The member supplies us with as much information as possible about their enterprise, their specialty items, products and services, and this is included in a Profile published in the Da Vinci Art Directory. Members are allowed a maximum of 8 graphic images (.jpg or .gif formats) to accompany their online Profile. Arrangements for posting more than 8 graphic images is possible. All members who already have their own website will have live links connecting their Profile at Da Vinci's Art Directory to their website.

Advertising is available to all interested parties. The only requirement is that your announcements pertain to art. Please inquire about our advertising rates.

Please Note: Membership in the Da Vinci Art Directory is not opened to individual artists, art galleries, art associations, museums and the like, unless you manufacture art materials, are a retailer of art goods, or a reseller/wholesaler of such art products as artists would normally use (easels, paints, brushes, frames, canvass, art publications, etc.).

We hope you will see the implications of the accrued benefits to your firm by adhering to the Leonardo Da Vinci World Online Directory of Manufacturers, Suppliers & Resellers of Art Materials. If you have any questions or suggestions, please email us.

With Best Regards

James Leonard-Amodeo

PS: The projected opening date of our online presence is January 19th, 2002. Please reserve your place now!

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