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Greetings from the Canarian Islands

From: Sabrina <remove@pyropictures.com>
Date: Thu, 27 Sep 2001 02:53:29 +0100
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My name is Sabrina and I live on the Canary Islands. I love the parties 
here and spending the time with my boyfriends, teasing them and in the 
end having sex with them. And I can tell they love it too. This is what life 
is about for me 

I don’t have any children and I don’t want to any have yet. The parties, 
having a good time with my friends and a lot of sex is more important to 
me right now. And I am too young for it. Too many girls I know settle down 
too early with a man and children and they miss out on the best time of 
their lives. But like everybody I want to have a big family with a lot of 
children and with a lovely man by my side too one day. 

But that is the future. For now I like freedom, a lot of boyfriend, a lot of 
fun, a lot of party and of course a lot of sex. This is what life is about. 
Some times my boyfriends even come over to me together with their 
friends. The first times it was strange, but I didn't mind trying something 
different. And now it feels much funnier to have sex like that, kinda more 
social. I am happy with my life as I get to have a lot of fun.

My favourite story is from the first time when my boyfriend came to my 
home with Kevin, a friend of him. 

His friend was a nice looking boy. I liked him from the first moment. 
Somehow I knew right away that this would be the time for nicest sex I 
ever would experience. It was so nice.

Now you can meet my friends and me as we tell our stories and see our 
hot pictures and videos at 

Canarian Hussy is the adult site where you really get under the skin of the 
girls. This is not the site for the men looking for pretty plastic boobs. Here 
you will find hot girls and dirty sluts, but perhaps more important also read 
the true story about these girls on the Canary Islands. The wild life, lost 
love, hot love, and at last also about their wild life of parties and wild sex. 

Come and have a look





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