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SofoTex.com New Software for 28-Aug-2001

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Sofotex.com Weekly Newsletter
Sofotex New Software uploads for 28-Aug-2001
This Weeks New Software Uploads
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GL-animator(PRO) (added: 20-Aug-2001)
This version of GL-animator(PRO) is able to create 3D text
using OpenGL effects. This program GL-animator was done for
creating your own animation files using OpenGL effects.

Zaphire production (added: 20-Aug-2001)
Freeware game developer with many free games for download on

JavaScript - The complete gate (added: 20-Aug-2001)
This site is the JavaScript gateway to the Internet; you can
learn here the language fundamental with a lot of examples.
The site also offers you forum, chat, tools, books & FAQ in
JavaScript and a lot more

SlowView (added: 20-Aug-2001)
easy and very fast imagefileviewer, SlideShow, Browser,
BatchConverter, Fullscreenmode, supports many formats (MP3,
PSD, SGI, etc), Drag'n'Drop, Thumbnailcaching,
CatalogCreator, Crop/Paste/Copy/Cut, Convert Animated GIF
into MNG Animations, very configurable, just see yourself!

Virtual Stopwatch Pro 2.16 (added: 21-Aug-2001)
Virtual Stopwatch Pro is a feature packed clock program for
Windows 9x, NT, 2000, or XP. It functions as a stopwatch, a
timer, or a clock. Time events with up to 1/1000th of a
second accuracy for up to 24000 days. Virtual Stopwatch
supports a full featured time logging system. You can create
custom alarms. The graphic analog/digital display is
completely configurable. The pro version speaks the time, is
joystick controlled, etc.

Free yourname hosting (added: 21-Aug-2001)
Free yourname hosting elegant, colorful and customizable
full featured automatically created sites or use your or our
html editor.  Select from templates then edit the default
text and pictures or optionally use any web software such as
FrontPage or DreamWeaver.

SpeedNet (added: 22-Aug-2001)
SpeedNet is Paramagnus Development's award winning Download
and Internet accelerator.
Whether you are a dial-up user or a broadband users,
SpeedNet has the ability to boost your connection up to

COOL PAGE 2.7 (added: 22-Aug-2001)
Fast, easy, and professional. Make the Web page of your
dreams with this talented HTML editor. Cool Page is designed
for newbies and power users
alike, with one-click publishing features, serious browser
compatibility tests, an arsenal of templates and plug-ins,
and an extensive help system.

WebSpy Live (added: 23-Aug-2001)
WebSpy Live monitors Internet activity within an
organization to assist in enforcing a company’s Internet
Acceptable Usage Policy. By alerting the manager or
administrator of Internet misuse in real time, Live can stop
inappropriate surfing as it happens. Alert on time spent
browsing, amount of data downloaded, file types and category
of web site visited. All triggers are completely
customizable and a simplistic navigation means you get the
alert when and where you want.

IP Ware Income Creation Software (added: 23-Aug-2001)
IP Ware was created to enable the individual investor to
succeed in the complex world of Real Estate Investing.  This
user-friendly program allows you to determine your profit
from a real estate investment, and provides the analysis
necessary to create perpetual cash flows from the purchase
of a property.

WebSpy Analyzer 2.0 (added: 27-Aug-2001)
WebSpy Analyzer monitors Internet activity within an
organization to assist in enforcing a companies Internet
Acceptable Usage Policy. By analysing third party proxy or
firewall log files, WebSpy is able to generate comprehensive
reports on almost all aspects of a network users web surfing
habits. Intensive drill-down enables the administrator to
isolate both general trends and specific instances of
Internet misuse in the workplace

eInvite.com Birth Announcements (added: 28-Aug-2001)
online source for fine custom birth announcements.

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