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Advanced Kiosk Solution

From: Advanced Kiosk Solution <kiosksolution@yahoo.com>
Date: Wed, 15 Aug 2001 10:43:33 -0700
Message-Id: <200108151746.NAA29606@tux.w3.org>
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Dear Sir or Madam::

I am revealing the secret on how you can best offer your customers 24x7 
access to various e-services offerings, to enhance their satisfaction, and 
to secure multiple streams of recurring revenues.  And I would like to 
present Info Touch's new generation of Customer Engagement Centers 

Info Touch Technologies Corp, North America's leading kiosk technology 
company, is announcing a revolutionary breakthrough that continues to 
further extend the reach and product offerings of traditional bricks based 
businesses.  I am pleased to announce the unveiling of a new generation 
of web-enabled Customer Engagement Centers that provides easy public 
access to cutting edge product offerings, including but not limited to:

- Web browsing
- E-mail access (Text, Photo, Video)
- Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP)
- Video teleconferencing
- Maps & Direction (Search / Printout)
- Online Chats
- Online gaming
- E-banking services
- Bill payment
- Online Shopping
- E-commerce 
- Wireless services
- IR downloads 
- Couponing
- Ticketing
- Access to e-government services
- Access to professional services
- Automated reservation for accommodations, etc. 

The CEC is a new breed of solutions for an increased number of 
technology savvy customers who will gain the satisfaction of access to 
e-based offerings away from home.  The CEC is also a profit center 
offering hotel owners/operators limitless access to secured streams of 
revenues through pay-per-use, transactional fees, and monetization 
There is much more to share, and I am looking forward to discuss in detail 
about this exciting opportunity.  

I welcome you to submit questions and inquiries to 
kiosksolution@yahoo.com .

Respectfully Yours,

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