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Will anyone remember you or your achievements?

Do you know what your partners or best friends favorite flowers are?

Do they prefer candles?

Do you ever forget birthdays or other people key date, even your own anniversary?

Do you know the names of your eight great grand parents?

Do you know anything about them?

To know the answers to just some of these questions could change your life. Jewish-Families allows you to build a stunning family tree in minutes, add archive pages for each individual, full of stories and useful information, add your key dates or a wish list, up load precious old photos or your latest holiday snaps, it is all so simple and easy. If you want, one of our qualified assistants we will come round to your house and help you build your family room, or you can fill out our starter pack and post it to us and we will build your family room for you.

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Jewish-Families is unlike any other website, you can choose from one of four themes so that the site looks, sounds and feels most pleasing to you. To view the different themes that are available, please click on the theme title highlighted in blue. For a beautiful and relaxing theme please click Jewish-Families NATURE , for scenes of Jewish-Families Israel please click Jewish-Families ISRAEL, if you like Flash please choose Jewish-Families TECHNOLOGY and if you like a more familiar looking layout then please click Jewish-Families NEWSPAPER

Your whole family can join in and building this family room simultaneously from anywhere in the world and you can up load your existing family tree as a gedcom file and watch it come to life as everyone starts to communicate more easily.

Jewish Families is safe and secure, with different passwords to allow others to view your site without being able to alter it, or maybe just to add information.

You can check out one of our facilities and see what is cooking in our recipe section, or ask questions anonymously to our experts in the expert section of the site.

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Thank you for your time, I hope you enjoy using our site as much as we have enjoyed making it for you.

Jonathan Rose
Jewish Families

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