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FACES! The Ultimate Composite Picture!

From: Eric <tlirc102@tlrc.every1.net>
Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2001 15:53:22 -0600
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FACES, The Ultimate Composite Picture! is a breakthrough composite picture software on CD-ROM containing a database of close to 4,000 specially coded facial features. By simply clicking on these features with the mouse, users of all ages can create endless combinations of FACES of either sex and any race - in less than ten minutes! All of the selected features are automatically blended together, making the resulting picture look just like a photograph. Used by over 100,000 Law Enforcement Agencies, High Risk Businesses and Schools Worldwide and FACES! is endorsed and used by America's Most Wanted.


Here are what others are saying about FACES!!!!

"Just last week, I was asked to do two composite drawings. Upon preparing to do said composites, I found I was out of drawing paper. Well, as you might have guessed, I used "FACES", and I must add with good results. Not only myself, but members of the criminal section were so impressed, I ordered another police version of FACES." 
Lieutenant Lee Couret
Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office
Harvey, LA 

"THANKS---THANKS---THANKS!!! The "FACES" software will be a very needed asset to our department." 
Chief Val Courtney
Centre Police Department
Centre, AL 

"Congratulation on a job well done ! Your FACES composite CD is the best I've ever seen." 
Chief James L. Millirons 

"The program is so easy to use and very detailed in the results produced." 
Sheriff Paul W. Hendrickson
Griggs County Sheriff Office
Cooperstown, ND 

"It was with great anticipation that I loaded your product into my PC in my office ; WOW!!! Most impressive!" 
Chief Weitz
City of Salem Police Department
Salem, OH 

"This is truly the most incredible such program that I have seen. And the price makes it even better. As the head of a small department, I have always wanted such a program but with the limited budget, most software was not within my reach. The price of this makes it available to even individual officers. And the accuracy of the resulting composite pictures is remarkable." 
Chief Paul J. Anderson
Rushville Police Department
Rushville, NE 

"This program is easy to work with and members of my staff have advise me they find the program to be outstanding." 
Chief Robert S. Chalk
Clearlake Police Department
Clearlake, CA 

"This is an amazing program and the "user friendly" operation is fantastic." 
Sergeant Lee Nielsen
Amarillo Airport Police
Amarillo, TX 

"It is the most incredible software that I have seen on the market." 
Chief Joseph P. Camden
New Salem Police Department
New Salem, MA 

"We have been practicing with the software and have discovered it to be truly phenomenal." 
Chief Gary M. Mink
Cortland City Police
Cortland, OH 

"Without looking at any manual, I was able to operate the program easily and build a very good composite of myself." 
Sergeant George Zielinski
Troy Police Department
Troy, MI 

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