Some sound advice

A wise and savy old businessman once told me that the first million you make is always the hardest. This i certainly agreed with, however he proceeded to inform me that it was also so simple that anyone could do it. He explained to me the following principle:

A million dollars is only made up of 10 one hundred thousand dollars. He siad that this seems like a really large amount of money, but that one hundred thousand dollars is only made of ten ten thousand dollars. This is still alot of money, but already it sounded a little more managable.

I thought about this for a moment and turned to him and said, yes but where do i get the first of those ten thousand dollars from?

He turned to me and said, ten thousand dollars is only ten one thousand dollars. Whats more one thousand dollars is only ten one hundred dollars. I knew that i had this in my bank account, but i still needed to know what to do with my hundred dollars to make it grow into a thousand.

His answer to me was simple and i guessed it before he even answered, one hundred dollars is only made up of ten ten dollars, and if you put that ten dollars to good use in generating greater income then you are on the road to success and riches.

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