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Re: DTDs and RDF

From: Paul Prescod <paul@prescod.net>
Date: Fri, 19 Nov 1999 10:29:31 -0600
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DTDs are a kind of schema language for XML. They focus on the grammar of
the XML document. RDF works at a higher level. RDF schemas focus on the
relationships and types in the document. RDF is not "based on" a DTD,
but it does not disallow use WITH DTDs. You might use a DTD instead of
an RDF schema for compatibility with legacy applications or because you
want to drive a syntax-directed editor. You might use a schema instead
of a DTD when you don't care about the details of the markup but only
want the overall model to be correct.

 Paul Prescod

Hugh Field-Richards wrote:
> Hi
> My apologies in advance if all this has been covered elsewhere, I have
> looked in the
> mail archives but I have not seen anything there.
> My query concerns the use of DTDs with RDF. Is it intended that DTDs still
> form the
> basis for the syntax of RDF? I am assuming that, if XML is the underlying
> language
> for expressing RDF, then DTDs will underpin all things RDF (and Dublin Core
> etc. etc.).
> If DTDs are not going to be used, then do I assume that only well-formed
> meta-data
> is all that we can expect, rather than valid (in the DTD sense) meta-data?
> Are we
> going to rely on the schemas to take the place of DTDs (if such a thing is
> possible) ?
> Anyone got any comments on this?
> With thanks in advance
> Hugh F-R
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