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SiRPAC/RDF questions/comments

From: Anand C. Patel <acpatel@usa.net>
Date: Thu, 30 Jul 1998 15:55:15 GMT
To: www-rdf-comments@w3.org
Message-ID: <35cc969d.183517534@mail.microthought.net>
>jsaarela@w3.org wrote:
>> acpatel@usa.net wrote:
>> I'd love to write a schema, but the schema syntax is horribly 
>> confusing in the current draft -- is there a good way to develop a 
>> dummy namespace for this code while I try to work out the data model 
>> itself? 
>Creating a schema is fortunately almost the same as developing the 
>data model as RDF schema is expressed in the RDF data model but I think 
>you knew this already. As the work on RDF schemas is not yet finished, 
>I would wait if I were you and just sketch an object oriented model 
>about your application domain. This will give you the inheritance and 
>property relations you will later need to put down in your RDF schema. 
>> All right, but let's say that <s:heading> element is part of a 
>> <RDF:description about="http://foo.com/whatever.html">. How can I put 
>> multiple headings within a description element -- since that is the 
>> point of the exercise. 
>Right. The following example probably corresponds with the data model 
>what you are after. Several headings each with their own properties. 
><RDF:Description about="something"> 
><RDF:Bag ID="headings"> 

Yes, that's it exactly.  So list elements are as flexible as any other

>I tried my parser with this input and succesfully hunted down a few 
>bugs before it gave the correct answer. I think it's time for a 
>bug fix release sooner that I thought :-) 
>I'm happy to check it with even more input files if you have any. 

I'm only now able to write and test them because there's a parser out
there -- thank you so much for writing one that's easily accessible.

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