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[FoRK] Article on CalDAV calendaring standard

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I wrote an article on CalDAV with Lisa Dusseault for this month's (Mar/Apr
2005) issue of IEEE Internet Computing. It's available online at:


Open Calendar Sharing and Scheduling with CalDAV


Building on a decade of work on calendar standards, the CalDAV protocol
promises to unlock the potential of widespread calendar interoperability. It
permits calendar sharing over the Web and reduces the coordination cost of
scheduling meetings across and within organizational boundaries. The
protocol extends the Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV)
protocol - itself, a simple extension of HTTP - to provide services for
calendar maintenance, queries, event scheduling, and security.

You can find more information on CalDAV at:
CalDAV Resources:
CalDAV Protocol Specification:
Wikipedia entry:

- Jim

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