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Re: [Ietf-calsify] VTIMEZONE - replacement idea (fwd)

From: Dan Connolly <connolly@w3.org>
Date: Fri, 10 Sep 2004 17:24:29 -0500
To: Libby Miller <Libby.Miller@bristol.ac.uk>
Cc: www-rdf-calendar@w3.org, Ietf-calsify@osafoundation.org
Message-Id: <1094855069.6086.489.camel@dirk>

On Fri, 2004-09-10 at 02:43, Libby Miller wrote:
> from the new icalendar mailing list.

Have you told them about our repository of timezone data in XML?

Would you please? If not you, is anybody else watching both lists?


Hmm... I think I'll just cross-post and hope for the best...

Doug Royer wrote:
> My idea is to deprecate the VTIMEZONE object in VCALENDAR objects

I must say that seems like a strange thing to do, just when the
various tools are starting to get it right. The spec for VTIMEZONE
seems like a pretty good match for the widely-deployed Olsen
timezone database. It's maybe slightly hairier than it
needs to be, in theory; I can imagine pruning the allowed
RRULE constructs a bit. But in practice, it seems to work

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