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Announce: C# iCalendar (RFC 2445) Open Source Parser

From: Paul Cowles <paul@semaview.com>
Date: Tue, 16 Mar 2004 13:34:32 -0500
To: <www-rdf-calendar@w3.org>
Message-Id: <20040316183430.WETG19200.simmts8-srv.bellnexxia.net@ty2>
Hi all,
We've finally wrapped our C# .NET ical2rdf converter into an open source
package and made it available via sourceforge. You may find the project at:
The project contains both source code (icalparser) and binary executable
Hope this is of use to the community, feel free to direct feedback to the
project contact Tim at  <mailto:tspurway@semaview.com> tspurway@semaview.com
We are looking forward to new contributions to the project.
Paul Cowles
VP, Development and Operations
Semaview, Inc.
http://www.semaview.com <http://www.semaview.com/> 
http://pcowles.eventsherpa.com <http://pcowles.eventsherpa.com/> 
Phn (416) 214-5576
Fax (416) 214-0052
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There are two projects included in this distribution:  ical2rdf.csproj and
The ICalParser.csproj project will build a .Net assembly API dll that can be
included in other .Net projects.  Please refer to the source code for more
information on the use of this library.
The ical2rdf.csproj project will build a stand-alone command-line executable
called ical2rdf.exe.  The purpose of this program is to convert RFC2445
iCalendar format files to the proposed iCalendar RDF/XML format (see
http://www.w3.org/2002/12/cal/ for more info on the W3C working group
responsible for the iCalendar RDF schema development).
Here's the usage of ical2rdf:
    ical2rdf [-chp][-x | -f rdffile] icalfile1 [icalfile2 ... icalfileN]
     c - print copyright information
     h - print help/usage information
     p - supress output of error messages - will force a file to be 
  written out regardless of error conditions (should be used 
  for debugging only)
     x - name all rdf output files with the same name as their 
  corresponding iCalendar files, except with an '.rdf' suffix
     f rdffile - generate the RDF file with the given name.  If 
  multiple iCalendar files are specified this option is ignored
     icalfileN - the iCalendar (RFC2445) file(s) that are to be parsed.
  These must be the last parameters in the command.  This 
  program will not expand wildcard characters
  NOTE: icalfiles will be assumed to be files on a local 
  filesystem or mounted network drives.  If you prefix the 
  name with 'http:', it will be fetched from the internet 
  URL supplied. No attempt will be made to do any Authentication 
  for internet fetches.

To build this software, you will need MS Visual Studio developement
environment (or some other .Net development tools ;) ) and the .Net runtime
environment.  This software was developed using Visual Studio v7.1 for .Net
For each project, there are two different configurations.  DEBUG and
RELEASE.  The DEBUG configuration generates extra debugging code, but it
also enables the csUnit unit test cases included in the software.  If you
don't have csUnit - just switch over to the RELEASE configuration to do the
build.  csUnit is an awesome little product, though, so while you're at it,
why don't you go and grab it over at:   <http://www.csunit.org>
For those who don't have a development environment but want to run the
ical2rdf.exe converter program - there's two steps:
- get the .Net runtime installed in your machine.  The recommended way of
doing this is to run Windows Update on our machine and select the .Net 1.1
Runtime  --- altenatively ---  go over to:
- the executable is located in the distribution directory's 'bin'
sub-directory.  Copy the executable (ical2rdf.exe) to somewhere in your
path, or include the sub-directory in you PATH 
J. Tim Spurway
 <mailto:tspurway@semaview.com> tspurway@semaview.com
This program is partially based on and inspired by the the ical2rdf.pl
converter developed by Dan Connolly and Libby Miller (see
<http://www.w3.org/2002/12/cal/> http://www.w3.org/2002/12/cal/ for more
info on the W3C working group responsible for the iCalendar/RDF schema

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