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Call for Participantion -- Second Calconnect Interop - 11-12 January 2005 - Seattle, Washington

From: David C. Thewlis <Dave.Thewlis@calconnect.org>
Date: Thu, 02 Dec 2004 07:48:00 -0800
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The second Interop of The Calendaring and Scheduling Consortium
(CALCONNECT.ORG) will take place Tuesday and Wednesday, January 11-12,
2005.  It will be hosted by the University of Washington and the venue will
be on the UW Campus in Seattle, Washington.

This event will feature three separate Interop testing scenarios.
Participating organizations are welcome to test against one, two, or all
three scenarios.  Please note however that these scenarios will be going on
simultaneously so you will probably need a team for each scenario you
participate in.

Space will be limited so early notification and registration is advised.


(a) Full scale interop: against iCal, iMIP, iTIP, essentially the same
scenario as the one done in July 2004.  The goal is to get results from
testing by more implementations to augment the data from July -- at the
July event Oracle and IBM tested; it would be very useful to have results
from other vendors to augment the understanding of the RFCs gained from the
July (and earlier) Interops.

(b) Min-IOP Interop:  The Min-IOP Technical Committee of the Consortium was
formed to identify and define the "Minimum Interoperable Subset" for
iCalendar as part of the work towards the Calsify effort in the IETF.  This
Interop scenario is for implementations to test against that subset.  The
goal is to help define baseline requirements for the CALSIFY effort and to
determine what the real world common subset actually is, so the more
implementations tested against this common subset the more realistic and
useful the results will be.

(c) CalDAV Interop:  Oracle Corporation will provide a prototype CalDAV
server for client testing, and work is progressing on the definition of the
test cases for the scenario.  Some vendors have expressed interest in being
able to do a CalDAV Interop as soon as possible.  This will provide early
feedback to the server implementors, the CalDAV specification authors, and
the client implementors.


Any vendor or organization wishing to test a calendaring and scheduling
implementation is welcome to attend whether or not they are a Consortium
member. Note that Consortium members do receive a substantial discount on
their Interop participation fee (see below).


Technical committee meetings of the Calendaring and Scheduling Consortium
are also planned for 11-12 January at the same location, followed by an
all-hands Consortium Roundtable on Thursday 13 January.  Interop
participants who are not Consortium members will not be able to participate
in the other Consortium activities as they are reserved to members.
However, a non-member Interop Participant can join the Consortium at the
event and become a member immediately and be able to participate in the
technical committee and roundtable meetings.


The registration fee for the Interop is $1500 for Consortium members and
$2500 for non-members.  The registration fee covers two individuals;
additional individuals are $150 each for members or non-members.  (If you
are planning to participate in more than one Interop scenario you may need
more than two people.)

Members:  Please note that the Interop Registration Fee for Members also
covers the registration fee for participation in the Consortium events for
the interop participants.


Detailed information including logistics will be posted on the Consortium
website as as it becomes available; go to http://www.calconnect.org and
select "Interops Future".  You may also register online on the website by
selecting "Interops Registration".

For questions or more information, or to inform us of your plan to
participate in the Interop, please contact me at the Consortium.

Best Regards,

Dave Thewlis
Executive Director
The Calendaring and Scheduling Consortium
1550 Dena Drive
McKinleyville CA 95519-4146
+1 707 840 9391 (voice)
+1 415 946 3454 (fax)
+1 707 498 2238 (mobile)
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