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RE: RDF Calendar ScheduledTopicChat agenda, 2004-04-07T14:30Z

From: Paul Cowles <paul@semaview.com>
Date: Tue, 6 Apr 2004 11:31:59 -0400
To: <www-rdf-calendar@w3.org>
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Hi All,

I'll be maintaining the schedule and agendas available in RDFiCal for
subscription for all those that are interested.


Subscribe to the RDFiCal version at

Talk to you all tommorrow.


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The next RDF calendar ScheduledTopicChat is this Wednesday, April 7th, 14:30
UTC. In other timezones:


on IRC: irc:irc.freenode.net #rdfig for 60-90 minutes.

I've had agenda requests from two people, which I think have three

1. If our flight information came in RDF, what would we want it to say?

I'll be talking to some airline folks about sending out information as
RDF/iCal (among other RDF topics). Anyone think it's worth thinking about
what would be worth talking about or suggesting to them?
Charles McCathieNevile

2. Mixing namespaces

I'd like to clarify those things:

- geo: vocabulary in ical:geo
- foaf: etc. in ical:attendee
Masahide Kanzaki

3. Checking the new schema

While checking those points, I found that some 'data type' properties (e.g.
date, dateTime or calAddress) are not defined in the schema. Is this
intentional ?

Masahide Kanzaki

We can add more agenda items at the start of the meeting if there are any
other suggestions.


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