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RE: opening hours RDF cal use case

From: Shannon J. Clark <shannon@jigzaw.com>
Date: Fri, 28 Mar 2003 19:22:38 -0600
To: <www-rdf-calendar@w3.org>

A thought that occurs to me - but may/may not be relevant.

Why encapsulate everything, especially this complex into a complex singular

As an alternative, could you not do the following:

Set up a reoccurring event that is "Shop opens"

Set up a reoccurring event that is "Shop closes"

Link the two events (may not be fully defined in RFC 2445 I know)

So, instead of creating a new metadata tag (which then everyone has to use
and program for potentially), could we not establish a more simple
consideration of event naming conventions?

As I said, just an idea - the concept being to use multiple objects instead
of one.

Clearly for some purposes, such as knowing whether or not at a given time a
shop will be open might be complex (i.e. some logic along the lines of "shop
is open after a [shop open] event, closed after a [shop closed] event" -
leaving unanswered perhaps what happens if the shop closes early one day
(second [shop closed] event, perhaps it is just ignored...

Not as well that this model would assume actions along a set of events vs.
actions on one object.

Just a thought,


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(copying swad-europe list)


Just a brief note to let folks know that I've made an attempt
at writing up this use case in the ESW Wiki,

For now I've stuck with the example from this email thread,
but my intention is to extend/augment it with real data
describing real local businesses (from Bristol initially),
and include photographs, contact details, geographic markup etc.

If folks have additional examples, do feel free to edit the Wiki

The page currently has two examples, the first is the
un-edited raw ical for the repeating event, the other attempts
to mix in additional data. I have taken (for now) the approach of
inventing a new property (foaf:openingHours) that relates a
resource (some kind of unmodelled business entity) to a
specification of its opening hours. Not sure if this works well,
yet. It would be nice to have some bulk data to play with... does
anybody here have suggestions on that front? SKICal folks maybe?

Thanks for any suggestions, additions...


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There are also (pre last RDF Calendar IRC chat) some notes
on the RDF Calendar effort at:
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