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(fwd) The Many Dates and Times of Perl

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Date: Fri, 14 Mar 2003 21:32:35 -0500
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I thought this worth forwarding. 

...provides a nice survey of date and time related functionality
available in the Perl programming language and its extension 
modules. Or some of them anyway! 

	"It wouldn't be Perl if there weren't at 
	least a dozen other modules with overlapping 
	functionality, right? In this case, there's more than two dozen!"

I wonder how much of all that could be re-expressed in N3 rdf rules for Cwm...


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Piers just about gets away without summarizing the fall-out from 
the Apocalypse, but instead he has to deal with a long discussion 
on how Parrot's object system will work:


Meanwhile, Dave Rolsky, one of the chief module author herders 
behind Perl's many date and time modules and coauthor of 
O'Reilly's "Embedding Perl in HTML with Mason" book, provides us 
with an overview of all of those Date::* modules; what's important 
about them; and how they differ:


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There are a huge number of date and time handling modules on the 
CPAN; how do you know which ones are any good? Dave Rolsky, one 
of the men behind the datetime mailing list takes you on a tour.



This week on Perl 6, week ending 2003-03-09
Object specifications and serialization discussion takes over 
both lists, and Piers narrowly escapes having to summarise the 
fallout from the Apocalypse already...



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Larry continues his unfolding of the design of Perl 6 with his 
latest Apocalypse - this time, how subroutines are defined and 
called in Perl 6.



This week on Perl 6, week ending 2003-03-02
IMCC is still a subject of much debate on the perl6-internals 
list, while tumbleweed drifts through perl6-language. Piers has 
the details.



Improving mod_perl Sites' Performance: Part 8
In the penultimate of Stas Bekman's mod_perl articles, more of 
those obscure Apache settings which can really speed up your 
web server.



Genomic Perl
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Rex Dwyer come up with a "Beginning Bioinformatics for Perl 
Programmers"? Simon Cozens reviews "Genomic Perl", with some 



This week on Perl 6, week ending 2003-02-23
More from Piers Cawley on Perl 6, IMCC, Parrot's perfomance and 
the continuing arrays versus lists saga.


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