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Re: Question/Anomaly regarding LOCATION in iCal

From: Gary Frederick <gary.frederick@jsoft.com>
Date: Tue, 24 Sep 2002 06:28:32 -0500
Message-ID: <3D904C60.7000907@jsoft.com>
To: terry@acm.org, www-rdf-calendar@w3.org

Howdy Terry,

Terry Payne wrote:
> Gary,
> 	Thanks for the response - you've just made me realise that I
> kinda made a mistake, though actually the problem remains.  If you use
> an XML only representation then what you describe makes sense.  When I
> took a second look at the ontology I realised that I'd mixed up
> "properties" and "parameters"; LOCATION is an iCalendar:Property,
> whereas ALTREP and LANGUAGE are iCalendar:parameters.
> So they are different... or rather not.  I checked the definition of
> Parameter and Property within the iCalendar ontology, and both are
> derived as subclasses of rdfs:Property.
They are different as far as ICalendar is concerned.

> So my two questions to the community remain:
>  * is it valid within RDF to have a property of a property?
I don't know about within RDF.

I just looked briefly at rfc2445 and could not find where a property could have a property. I think it would be invalid.

>  * as the range of LOCATION, should the ontology refer to a TEXT concept
> or a GEO concept (or both - currently it only refers to TEXT)?
LOCATION and GEO are both properties. A location's value can be TEXT.

NOTE xCal is still draft. It will be an XML representation of iCal. I suggest using rfc2445/iCal when building anything based on the calendar standards.


Your example has
  <ical:LOCATION> TCSEQ Center</ical:LOCATION>
The xCal draft uses lowercase. How about
  <ical:location> TCSEQ Center</ical:location>
if you want to be based on xCal.

> 	Terry
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>>At 12:54 PM +0100 9/23/02, Terry Payne wrote:
>>>	I've just been trying to resolve a couple of issues with the
>>>hybrid-ical ontology, and noticed that there is the property LOCATION
>>>whose range is ical:TEXT.  Fair enough.  But there are also two other
>>>properties (ALTREP & LANGUAGE) who's range is also LOCATION, i.e. a
>>>property which is the range of a property.  Is this legal?  I've an
>>>feeling that it might be, but then what exactly does it mean?
>>In the XML representation, a distinction is drawn between properties
>>and attributes. ALTREP and LANGUAGE are attributes, LOCATION is a
>>property.  A component can have properties, and properties can have
>>attributes.  This is a little confusing, because what RFC 2445 calls
>>"property parameters" are called "attributes" in the XML
>>At least that's my reading of it, and the way I've been implementing
>>it in Sosigenes.
>>Gary McGath, Software Consultant
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