Hey all,
I am trying to solve this problem and think RDF can help but I am not sure how:
Today is February 8, 2002.  I need to check and see if today's date/time corresponds to some schedule rule, like "If it is a Monday or Wednesday between 1/1/02 and 4/1/02, then return true".   So in my case today is between the constrained dates but the day (Friday) would cause the entire evaluation to fail. 
I am looking for a way to programmatically represent those constraints and a comparison mechanism, like some java class, to which I can feed the constraint and the date and have some kind of true false result returned to me. 
I am very new to RDF so any help would be most appreciated in how I could solve this (any code, downloads I would need to get, advice on where else on the web to look, etc) would be much appreciated.

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