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RE: Could XQuery replace the W3C DOM?

From: Adam Bosworth <adam.bosworth@bea.com>
Date: Thu, 29 Aug 2002 10:04:58 -0700
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From a performance point of view, one can imagine a factory object that
given xml queries, generates optimal code for executing them. That clearly
could be a lot more efficient than DOM in many many cases. 

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Subject: RE: Could XQuery replace the W3C DOM?

DOM is already somewhat slow/heavyweight for certain purposes.   While I'm 
sure a lot of good work will be done on query implementation and 
optimization, it's not immediately clear that a query-based implementation 
would in practice be more rather than less efficient compared to DOM.  Not 
that it's a bad idea in principle, but performance is a significant 
barrier to adoption of XML for purposes such as SOAP, and we do need to 
pay more attention to performance as APIs evolve, IMO.  Thanks

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