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Re: Concern: XQuery <> valid XML

From: Anthony Finkelstein <a.finkelstein@cs.ucl.ac.uk>
Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2001 09:54:17 +0000
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To: kifer@cs.sunysb.edu (Michael Kifer), Jeff Chapman <Jeff.Chapman@pervasive.com>
Cc: www-ql@w3.org
We have been developing an 'assertion language' and an associated 
checker. See http://www.xlinkit.com for the general approach and 
http://www.xlinkit.com/dangerzone for the latest version of the 
language and checker.

Though I can see the argument for a clean and elegant syntax, in our 
experience (which I would argue is strongly analogous to XQuery) the 
benefits of an XML representation have been overwhelming. Most 
notable have been (1) visualisation, (2) meta-level assertions, (3) 
tool building simplicity.



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