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Concern: XQuery <> valid XML

From: Jeff Chapman <Jeff.Chapman@pervasive.com>
Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2001 12:01:16 -0600
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Indeed if I wrap XQuery expressions in CDATA sections, then I can store them
as plain text.  I'm hoping for something a bit more useful.  For example, I
would like to be able to build XML-based logic that can dissect and assemble
XQuery expressions using normal XML tools/logic--the kind of things we can
now do with XML Schemas that are not all that easy with DTDs.

I understand that this is not 'the' problem that XQuery is trying to solve.
My hope is that it will not become the problem that XQuery creates.


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> Specifically, I'm deeply troubled
> that an XQuery expression is not valid XML.  This will immediately cause
> problems when I try to store XQuery documents into an XML repository.  

How about:

<xquery> your xquery query goes here </xquery>

> This should trigger a sense of Deja Vu.  Aren't we ignoring a painful
> lesson from our immediate past.  When people realized the gravity of the
> situation caused by DTDs not being valid XML, the W3C immediately began
> work on a solution--XML Schemas.

DTD being not a valid XML is not the problem that XML Schema is trying to

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