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RE: QA Tips: Make readable URIs

From: Victor Engmark <Victor.Engmark@cern.ch>
Date: Wed, 4 Aug 2004 13:56:43 +0200
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To: "olivier Thereaux" <ot@w3.org>
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> Victor, all,
> On Oct 18, 2003, at 0:03, Victor Engmark wrote:
> > I would like you to amend the document.
> I eventually got around to trying to rewrite the tip with all 
> of the feedback received in mind.
> The draft result is at :
> 	http://www.w3.org/QA/2004/08/readable-uri
> Would you please review it?

This looks good. Still, IMHO it needs more work:
- I found one grammatical error, so a quick check should be done.
- The language negotiation example URIs should contain a common postfix
like ".html" or ".php" before the language, to disambigue the position
of the placing and avoid users trying to serve an HTML file as "foo.en"
- I do not agree to the tip about making web addresses opaque. Perhaps
the title should be changed to specify that the theme is URLs, not the
more general URIs. URLs have always had, and probably will continue to
have meaning.
- The "Why readable URIs" section should contain descriptive examples.
Try to find those which might at first sight look easy to implement
(http://fishing.com/fish.php?chapter=1&section=3), and which can be much
more easily read if constructed differently
- The text "Content negotiation" should link either to the "Further
reading" section or directly to some resource explaining it.
- The link between language negotiation and ISO 639 is not necessarily
obvious to a new reader, and should be stated explicitly.

I might have time to change this and other proposed changes in the
middle of August.

Yours sincerely,
Victor Engmark
Quid quid latine dictum sit, altum viditar - What is said in latin,
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