As agreed during this morning's telcon I've collated all of the feedback into the list below. Please ask if you need clarification.

Thanks for your help with editing this document.

* Globally: all Dublin Core references (in See Also sections) should be upper-cased (eg "identifier" -> "Identifier")

* Globally: replace "test case(s)" with "test(s)"

* Abstract: replace with:

"The definition and provision of metadata has proved helpful in a variety of ways during the test development and test execution processes. This document defines a minimal set of metadata elements that can usefully be applied to tests that are intended for publication within a test suite."

* Status of this document: s/a Interest Group note/an Interest Group note/

* Table of Contents: is missing?

* Introduction: replace with text to be provided in a separate message

* 2.2 Example: need space between "Title" and "element"

* 2.3 Syntax: replace with "Free-form (hypertext) or constrained plain text"

* 2.3 Comments: replace with: "The Purpose should typically be kept short enough (a 'one liner') to be displayed in tabular format (other constraints, for example a prohibition on embedded newlines, may also be required to ensure that this element can be processed by various tools). The Description element should be used where a more detailed explanation is required."

* 2.3 See Also: link to "SpecRef" is broken ("specref", "SpecRef")

* 2.5 Example: s/holding(see/holding (see/
     (Also, delete extra period inside closing paren)

* 2.6 Syntax: replace with "Freeform hypertext or more usefully a link to markup or anchors in the text of the specification.

* 2.7 Comments: did we agree to remove this comment? If you think we did, please do so.

* 2.8 Example: need space between "input_file" and "element"

* 2.9 Example: need space between "output_file" and "element"

* 2.10 Description: s/thatallows/that allows"

* 2.10 Comment: add "It is unclear whether it is necessary to apply version numbers to individual tests. More common practice is to version the entire test suite. Ideally tests will not need to be revised as the specification evolves. However, this is sometimes necessary, and at a minimum each Working Group should define SpecRef and possibly other metadata such as Grouping elements to indicate which versions of the specification an individual test supports."

* 2.13 Example: Richard clarified the meaning of the acronym DMTF, but now that it's been explained to me I think this telephony example is too specialized to be used here. So, let's just delete the final ", voice or dtmf".

* Acknowledgments
     should be preceded by "3"
     s/Richard Kennedy/Richard T. Kennedy/
     David Marson't affiliation is "IBM Research"

* References:
    should be preceded by "4"
    DCES: s/Decembre/December/