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Actions Items: Please check your action items

From: Karl Dubost <karl@w3.org>
Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2005 17:17:06 -0500
Message-Id: <2fa69dee111e80d4d2194350c557099e@w3.org>
To: 'www-qa-wg@w3.org' <www-qa-wg@w3.org>
QA WG members,

Could you check that your action items have been done and to reply with  
a pointer to the mail if it exists. :)
Just that we don't lose tracks of important issues/work.


  AI-20050111-01: LR to send email to list re: proposed telecon time  
  AI-20050111-02: DH to send email to list re: Technical Plenary  
  AI-20050111-03: DH to provide example of TCMS?
  AI-20050111-04: TB to provide pointer to CSS Selectors Implementation  
Report Template?
  AI-20050111-05: DH to provide XSLT stylesheet used in HTML?
  AI-20050111-06: LH to provide pointer to legal issues document?
  AI-20050111-07: PC to create issues list related to TEST FAQ?
  AI-20050111-08: PC/DH to "formally" publish revised TEST FAQ (with  
date/version)  in WG space within several weeks

AI-20050131-1 (RK) to make it clearer what is meant by class of product  
(addressing the concerns of XML WG), 20050207
AI-20050131-2 (KD) to analyze "class of product" for XML ID, 20050202
AI-20050131-3 (LR) Review and modify wording on conformance, 20050211
AI-20050131-4 (KD) ask for more information on device-dependent  
profiles, 20050207
AI-20050131-5 (KD) to propose additions to error mechanism section,  
AI-20050131-6 (KD) to provide new wording for "write tests" in SpecGL,  
AI-20050131-7 (KD) to propose a "good practice" on the issue of  
formal/prose language normativity, 20050207

AI-20050207-1 KD to publish  an editorial version of SpecGL
AI-20050207-2 KD to respond  to the panel organizers with the name of  
our candidates
AI-20050207-3 KD to rewrite  GP 5.E about formal languages
AI-20050207-4 KD to send  background information about TP panel on  
extensibilty to Dave and Tim
AI-20050207-5 LR to propose  an addition to scope wrt accessibility,  
etc being out of scope but worth having in  mind by 2005-02-16
AI-20050207-6 TB to initate  the discussion in WCAG WG about the 8  
questions raised AI-20050207-7 KD will forward specific bugs  numbers  
to TB about AI-20050207-6

AI-20050214-1  KD  Send revised text for #1052 to QA group, 2005-02-15
AI-20050214-2  DH  Send revised text for #1050 to QA group, 2005-02-21
AI-20050214-3  KD  Review SpecGL actions,                   2005-02-21
AI-20050214-4  KD  Send revised text for #1044 to QA group, 2005-02-21
AI-20050214-5  KD  Send revised text for #1060 to QA group, 2005-02-21

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