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14. Should we implement a branding or certification program?

While you may not want to define and implement a fully-fledged program with all of the legal and administrative overhead that this implies, a simple logo or icon that can be displayed on a web-page ("compatible with xxx") may be useful. Note that whatever program you implement should probably involve self certification (you do not want to be in the business of certifying implementations as conformant, since this is legally risky).

For a discussion of the issues involved in certification programs see here. See the W3C XHTML validator program and the Web Content Accessibility Group's logo program for examples of successful logo programs.

A link to the QAH discussion of logos might be useful.  If you agree, replace the word "here" with "this certification study" (leaving link the same).  And append after "here":

".  For a discussion of branding and logos, see also The QA Handbook."

Link "The QA Handbook" to:

(Feel free to play with the exact wording so that the whole paragraph flows better.)