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[ISSUE] Clear GP/Principle statements

From: Karl Dubost <karl@w3.org>
Date: Mon, 27 Sep 2004 18:44:30 -0400
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This is the list of statements present now in the document. We have to 
check them individually and propose a rewrite that they are clear and 
not ambiguous.

	ICS-021-GP: Determine the need for each option. Make sure there is a 
real need for the option.
	ICS-021-GP: Determine the need for each optional feature. Make sure 
there is a real need for the optional feature.

A volunteer to go through? Reply positively before Wednesday evening. 
If no answers, I'll do it.

ICS-001-Pr: Include a conformance clause
ICS-002-GP: Define the specification conformance model in the 
conformance clause
ICS-003-GP: Specify in the conformance clause how to distinguish 
normative from informative content.
ICS-004-GP: Provide the wording for conformance claims.
ICS-005-GP: Provide an Implementation Conformance Statement (ICS) 
ICS-006-GP: Require an Implementation Conformance Statement (ICS) as 
part of valid conformance claims.
ICS-007-Pr: Define the scope
ICS-008-GP: Write simple, direct statements in the scope.
ICS-009-GP: Use examples or use cases to illustrate
ICS-010-Pr: Identify who or what will implement the specification
ICS-011-Pr: Define the terms used in the normative parts of the 
ICS-012-Pr: Create conformance labels for each part of the conformance 
ICS-013-GP: define the terms in-line, and consolidate the definitions 
in a glossary section
ICS-014-GP: Re-use existing terms, and don't redefine them
ICS-015-Pr: Use a consistent style for conformance requirements and 
explain how to distinguish them
ICS-016-Pr: Explain which conformance requirements are mandatory, which 
are suggested and which are optional
ICS-017-GP: Subdivide the technology to foster implementation
ICS-018-Pr: If the technology is subdivided, then indicate which 
subdivisions are mandatory for conformance
ICS-019-Pr: If the technology is subdivided, then address subdivision 
conditions or constraints
ICS-020-GP: Define rules for creating profiles
D.2 Optionality and Options
ICS-021-GP: Determine the need for each option. Make sure there is a 
real need for the option.
ICS-022-GP: Indicate any limitations or constraints
ICS-023-GP: Address the impact of the option
ICS-024-GP: Make options easy to find. Use tags to label options.
ICS-025-Pr: Address the extensibility topic inside specification.
ICS-026-GP: Define the extension mechanism
ICS-027-Pr: Prevent extensions from breaking conformance
ICS-028-GP: Define error handling for unknown extensions.
ICS-029-Pr: Identify each deprecated feature.
ICS-030-Pr: Define how to handle each deprecated feature
ICS-031-GP: Explain how to avoid using a deprecated feature
ICS-032-GP: Identify obsolete features
ICS-033-GP: Define an error handling mechanism
ICS-034-Pr: Do quality control during the specification development.
ICS-035-GP: Do a systematic and thorough review.
ICS-036-GP: Write sample code or tests.
ICS-037-GP: Write Test Assertions.

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