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QAH Terminology assignment

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Date: Thu, 28 Oct 2004 04:08:23 -0400
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QAH terminology consistency

1.  Concern centers around the use of terms such as:
- quality assurance techniques
- quality related deliverables
- test materials
- quality criteria

Test materials need definition:
Test materials - Provide for the evaluation of an implementation against the 
requirements of a specification and/or provide information about the 
>From OpsGL: Conformance Test Materials = any materials that are used to 
indicate conformance of an implementation to a specification.
Test Materials – include
- test suites (where test suites = tests, documentation and harness)
- validation tools
- test assertions
- test cases
- sample code (is this test material?)
- checklists

Quality related deliverables – include
- test materials
- systematic, thorough reviews of specification
- sample code (if not considered test material)
- model specification in formal language

2. Quality Assurance techniques and Good Practices
- scope of document addresses quality assurance techniques and good practices.  
Perhaps we should have QA techniques and GPs, rather than Principles and GPs. 
- need to define Principles and GPs
- Recommend
-- a) write (in this order) in 1.3 and 1.4 where this occurs:  good practices 
and associated quality assurance techniques
-- b) replace Principle with either the appropriate topic heading or call it a 
good practice.
-- c) replace Principle with Good Practice, replace Good Practice with quality 
assurance technique. 
---- Hmmm.  How does this impact SpecGL – are the SpecGL Techniques consistent 
with Quality Assurance Techniques? Or did this just confuse everything. 
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