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Examples for QA Handbook

From: Lofton Henderson <lofton@rockynet.com>
Date: Wed, 03 Nov 2004 09:46:49 -0700
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To: www-qa-wg@w3.org


(Karl & Olivier esp. -- please look at completeness and accuracy of ...)

Here are my notes from breakout session on Thursday afternoon, 28-nov-04, 
Reading f2f.

Subject: QA Handbook examples
Participants:  Karl, Olivier, Lofton (by phone)

-----Sec.2, 1st GP:  make build/acquire decision early-----
Ideas:  look at CDF charter (.../2004/CDF/admin/charter); look at SOAP, 
Xquery recharter (8/2004), XSLT.
This most likely will apply only for re-charters (above), as "acquire" 
won't make much sense until the technology is fairly well defined.
XSL re-charter (6/2004) would be an excellent counter-example.  It says 
*nothing* about Test Suites.  Yet, it could have pointed to the OASIS XSLT 
Conformance TC and said "acquire".  Can we use counter-examples (i.e., 
examples of bad practice)?
Action:  Karl to ask Chairs email list if anyone knows of an example of 
early commitment to acquire a TS.
Action:  Lofton to ask www-qa the same question.

-----Sec.2, 2nd GP:  enumerate quality-related deliverables.-----
Example:  look at Binary XML charter	
Example:  look at SVG charter

Action (long-term):  Karl to have a look at all W3C charters, from 
perspective of QA content or lack thereof, and keeping an eye open for 
interesting examples.

-----Sec.2, 3rd GP:  sync QA deliverables, spec milestones.-----
(potential) Example:  OWL-RDF
(potential) Example:  WCAG

-----Sec.2, 4th GP:  bind QA deliverables, rec-track advancement.-----
Example:  HTML
(Will have TS w/ ??? before PR)

-----Sec.3, 3rd GP:  identify Point of Contact.-----
(Generally, section 3 QAPD-related stuff is pretty well covered with examples.)
PoC example:  look at RDF?

-----Sec.4, legal stuff----
Action:  ask PC about examples of different licenses for different components.
Action:  ask Lynne, Mary Brady, Dimitris same question.

-----Sec.5, "acquire" if you can-----
(No notes taken, other than comment about non-testable wording, "Ensure ... 
enough ...")
### end ###
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