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Re: QA WG Response to SpecGL comments

From: Karl Dubost <karl@w3.org>
Date: Mon, 15 Sep 2003 16:53:18 -0400
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Hi John,

Le lundi, 15 sep 2003, à 10:40 America/Montreal, Jon Gunderson a écrit :
> A. Ensuring coordination with W3C Working Groups developing 
> specifications (formal channel, appeal);
> B. Coordinating works with internal W3C horizontal groups: WAI, I18N, 
> TAG and Comm Team

Hmm. This is already part of the W3C Process


"""Any dependencies of other entities on the
deliverables of this group. For any dependencies,
the charter must specify the mechanisms for
communication about the deliverables (contact
people, names of Coordination Groups, names of
W3C contacts, etc.). The charter should identify
any requirements documents that may be required
by other entities;

Any dependencies of this group on other entities.
For example, one group's charter may specify
that another group is expected to review a
technical report before it can become a
Recommendation. For any dependencies, the
charter must specify when required deliverables
are expected from the other entities. The charter
should set expectations about how coordination
with those entities will take place. Finally,
the charter should specify expected conformance
to the deliverables of the other entities;"""



"""W3C Activities interact in many ways. There are
dependencies between groups within the same Activity
or in different Activities. There may also be dependencies
between W3C Activities and the activities of other organizations.
Examples of dependencies include the use by one technology of
another being developed elsewhere, scheduling constraints
between groups, the synchronization of publicity for the
announcement of deliverables, etc. Coordination Groups are
created to manage dependencies so that issues are resolved
fairly and the solutions are consistent with W3C's mission
and results."""

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