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Ukiah Software - http://www.ukiahsoft.com - is a developer of highly 
manageable, application level firewall for mixed IP and IPX networks.  
Our flagship product, NetRoad FireWALL is NCSA Certified , incorporates 
an IP firewall with Network Address Translation (NAT), plus an IPX/IP 
gateway.  This is the only firewall in the market that  is integrated with 
Novell's LDAP compliant Novell Directory Services (NDS), and is the only 
NCSA Certified Firewall for NetWare operating system.  NetRoad FireWALL 
is also available for Windows NT.

Key Features of NetRoad FireWALL

 This product is two products in one: an IP firewall and an IPX/IP
gateway.  So it allows you to provide secure Internet or intranet access to
both IP and IPX networks (or any combination of the two).  Some key features: 

 Full application level security for all the key IP protocols:  HTTP,
Telnet, FTP, SMTP and more!  No one's going to be hacking into your Web
server with NetRoad FireWALL standing guard!

 Full bi-directional control over network traffic, both inbound and
outbound: not only can you keep hackers out, you can also keep your users
from checking out some of those information "resources" out on the network
you'd rather they stayed away from!

 Full support for IP clients: whatever your client operating system, we'll
provide firewall support for any IP client and the applications running on
it.  With our integrated support for NAT (network address translation), NO
network address changes are required!

 Full support for IPX clients: using the IPX/IP gateway component of our
product, you can run any TCP or UDP application on IPX clients.  No need to
install an IP stack!  Web browsers?  No problem.  News readers?  Piece of
cake.  FTP client?  Yup.  Real Audio?  A delight for the ears.  In short,
IPX clients need no longer be second class citizens when it comes to
Internet or intranet access.  And, it's very secure.

 Integrated with NDS: NetRoad FireWALL appears as just another object in
your NDS tree, and is configured and managed through an NWADMIN snap-in.
You can take full advantage of your NDS database of users and groups,
without having to re-enter all this information.  Security events are
logged with NDS.  User authentication is handled through NDS (and you can
also use other forms of authentication, such as One Time Passwords).
You'll be managing your firewalls and your security policies through a
management platform you already know and love -- without having to
introduce yet another management system.

 Server platform: Runs on NetWare 4.1 and later.  Also runs on Windows NT
4.0.  The two versions offer common functionality, and can even be managed
through the same NDS console.  Plus, if you purchase one of our Software
Maintenance Contracts, you can even migrate from one platform to the other
at no additional cost.

 Your NetWare server is 3.x?  Don't despair, we do have still another
product called NetRoad FireWARE, which provides an IPX/IP gateway (not an
IP-IP firewall) and runs as an NLM on 3.x.  Supports both TCP and UDP
applications.  And it's very affordable.

NetRoad NewsServer:

This product allows you to provide full NNTP-compliant news service to your
users -- fast!  And on NetWare!

So, instead of having to go out to the Internet to (sloooowly) access
newsgroup messages, the network administrator configures your own private
NetWare-based NewsServer to download the newsgroups that your
organization's users are interested in.  Since these newsgroups are then
stored locally on your LAN, access to this information is much faster than
over slow WAN links.  Plus, you can maintain purely private newsgroups --in
effect, your organization's private bulletin boards -- right on your own
local NetWare server.  So it's not only fast, it's also a very secure way
to disseminate information. 
Some key features:

 NNTP compliant, so it works with any standard newsreader, such as
Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer

 Runs on NetWare 3.x and 4.x.

 Enables both selective newsfeeds and comprehensive newsfeeds, so that you
only get the newsgroups that your organization needs.

 Configurable aging of messages, to ensure that the disk space requirement
stays under control

 High performance implementation makes it the fastest news server on the

 Provides support for both IP and IPX newsreader clients, when used in
conjunction with NetRoad FireWALL. 

For more information, please visit our Web site:  http://www.ukiahsoft.com

Thank you for your time!