Re: good practice for clients

"N.G.Smith" writes:

  [I said:]
| >Yep - in-lined infomercials must be a higher priority!
| This doesn't explain it. Browsers have been around for a lot longer
| than that. Why weren't the first generation of browsers built with this
| kind of support from day one.

There are quite a lot of things it would have been nice to have in from 
day one, like persistent connections, byte ranges, the MIME stuff, ...  
I thought we were doing quite well until the Netscape thing came along. 
 Ho hum.  Things kind of stalled after that.

| Something I've not had a chance to follow is the W3C libraries. If the
| LineMode browser has support for multiple IP addresses on a hostname,
| is the code not already there? What does Arena do for example?

If I have my thinking head on today, the problem is versionitis - httpd 
is expecting to be linked with version 2 of the common library, and 
would need major surgery to work with version 3 or 4 ?  By comparison, 
a few short sharp shocks should suffice to make it behave more 

Whether anyone would install this stuff is another matter.  Have I got 
it right that W3[CO] aren't planning to release any new old-style 
httpd's ?  Surprising considering how many people are using it.  Still, 
that's _research prototypes_ for you, right ? :-)