Re: good practice for clients

Jon Knight wrote:
> [about resilient connections]
> The first generation (and second and third, etc, etc) didn't have this
> sort of support in it because nobody was really doing the sort of serious
> proxying that we're all up to now and there were much more pressing
> problems taxing the minds of the then underfunded and underresourced
> browser authors.

I still am an underfunded and underresourced browser author, thank you
very much :-)  I have to do mine in my spare time, although I admit that
it was my decision to make the software freeware.

> The commercial browsers like Netscape can keep up with this.  However its
> not unnatural that the original under-resourced browser authors (where they
> still exist) are having a tough time playing catch up.  That's probably
> why Netscape has a <insert your favourite number between 50 and 90 here>%
> of the browser market.

Except that Netscape aren't (yet?) in my market (ARM based desktop machines)

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