Need help...


	We have a little problem. I explain : we use CERN httpd and Netscape but we want to add an authentication by user (and not by IP adress). That's why we want to realize a daemon between CERN httpd and Netscape. This daemon uses the authentication system of TIS (S/Key system). After the authentication, the daemon has to realize the communication between Netscape and CERN httpd. If the 'Content-length' field exist in the header, there is no problem. If this field doesn't exist, we must use the signal SIGPIPE writing in the socket to know if the communication is closed. Unhappy, after this writing, when we want to read in the socket (if the signal SIGPIPE didn't caught), an error occurs ('Connection reset by peer'). How do we avoid this problem? How can we know if a communication is closed between Netscape and CERN httpd? Thanks,

				Francis GREGOIRE