Re: Looking for a Proxy

> Basil McCrea KOI <mccrebsi@koi.ina.de> =E9crit :
> >=20
> > I'm looking for a caching http proxy with access control i.e. I want to
> > be able to limit who, or at least which systems, can access the
> > Internet. We are presently using the Cern 3.0 proxy but I can't get
> > it's access control to do what I want:-(
> >=20
> > Does anybody know of such a beast?
> The best caching proxy available at this time is Squid:
>    http://www.nlanr.net/Squid/
> It can do access control based on domain name or IP address.
> For access control based on user, you need a proxy that supports
> HTTP/1.1.

No, you don't need HTTP/1.1 for that.  Both Netscape Navigator and
Netscape Proxy support authentication in the proxy.  Netscape proxy
also properly parses and understands HTTP headers, so that it can
treat cookies and such correctly, which Squid doesn't do.

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