Re: Looking for a Proxy

>Basil McCrea KOI <mccrebsi@koi.ina.de> icrit :
>> I'm looking for a caching http proxy with access control i.e. I want to
>> be able to limit who, or at least which systems, can access the
>> Internet. We are presently using the Cern 3.0 proxy but I can't get
>> it's access control to do what I want:-(
>> Does anybody know of such a beast?
>The best caching proxy available at this time is Squid:
>Marc Baudoin              | e-mail    <Marc.Baudoin@hsc.fr>

Of course that is a subjective decision and so you might like to also
check out:

   Spinner - http://spinner.infovav.se/

   The Netscape Proxy Server -

   The Harvest Cache -

Neil Smith