Re: Proxy of ftp

On 19/11/95, Daniel Verhoeven wrote:
>We are working on a FreeBSD 2.0.5 system with CERN HTTPD 3.0 using proxies
>and caching. De caching works perfect, and all protocols are proxied when
>our users use Netscape as client. But when using WS_FTP, the proxie of
>FTP doesn't seem to work.  I send some excerpts of configuration files,
>hoping someone can tell us why it doesn't work.

The "proxy" that some FTP clients can use is not the same as a proxy server
for WWW browsers. The "proxy" that the FTP clients use is an FTP firewall
proxy service, and they cannot use the proxy server you have set up, which
is only used by WWW browsers.

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