Cache Proxy Server

Hi every one/Calvin,

1. I still have problem in binding the Linemode. I encounted two errors 
   hence the status  after the build process was 2. The Build process for the
   library and the daemon was O.K.

  For your information:

  My flatform is Linux and the source code files I used are:
      libwww_2.17_src.tar.Z, httpd_src.tar.Z and  www_src_tar.Z 

  What was my mistake? Please help me.

2.  To be a proxy server for a http request, must that server having 
    installed a particular browser?

3. My server does not understand the verbose command that I gave or did I
   do it wrongly, or could it be due to the error that I have had in the 
   linemode build up?

4. What is the correct way of using the verbose mode command to test the
   correctness of my configuration file?

Please advise. 

Thank you.



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