Postgraduate Web Research Opportunities at HENSA Unix

Apologies in advance for the non-development nature of this
posting.  I figured the people we need would be on this list.

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The University of Kent is offering bursaries of 5050 pounds
sterling per annum for appropriately qualified graduates
wishing to pursue research leading to an MSc or PhD in the
areas of World-Wide Web traffic analysis, modelling and

Candidates, who should have a sound knowledge of the most
popular Internet communication protocols and some
understanding of the current issues facing international
networking, will be working in close collaboration with the
staff of the UK National World-Wide Web Proxy Cache at
HENSA Unix. Candidates will be expected to take an active
role in the development of this service.

Experience of working in a Unix environment, and the
ability to write fast, efficient and high quality C from
day one are prerequisites.

For further details on this project telephone Tim Hopkins
on +44 (1227) 823793 or connect to http://www.hensa.ac.uk/wwwcache/.
For general postgraduate information telephone Steve Hill
on +44 (1227) 827656.

Applications, either electronic (URL, Postscript, Latex,
Groff, and ASCII are acceptable) or on paper, including a
full curriculum vitae and covering letter should be sent as
soon as possible to the address below.

	A fast response is of utmost importance!

Paper mail: 
	Tim Hopkins,
	The Computing Laboratory,
	The University,
	CT2 7NF,

Electronic mail: 

Unfortunately this opportunity is limited to European citizens.

If you know of someone who may not have seen this
advertisement but who would meet the criteria mentioned
above please point them in our direction.

Neil Smith
HENSA Unix Administrator