Re: Downloading (fwd)

On Tue, 29 Aug 1995, Al Coslor wrote:

> Hi, I am making a homepage, and I was wondering how to make it so that 
> people can download a certain file from my page.  I tried going
> <A HREF="file://www.cnw.com/~castoff/file.exe>file.exe</A>
> but that didn't work to download.  It thought that my account was an ftp 
> site or something.

Just make your link an HREF to the file itself, exactly the way you would 
reference an html file. That way you leave the downloading up to the 
browser which typically asks the user how they want to handle it. On 
Windows/Netscape, this opens a save file dialog box for the user to 
specify the download directory and filename, and then the transfer is 

Using your site as an example type:

<A HREF="file.exe">file.exe</A>

The browser will handle mapping the source URL and current directory 
(where the HTML doc came from ) onto the file name.

If you want to point somewhere else put the explicit path in as mapped 
from your server home.

Hope this helps.


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