Re: Will browsers support multiple proxy servers?

> However it is a single point of failure because we don't have an automatic
> failover strategy and no out-of-hours coverage. What I would like is to be
> able to configure the browsers with at least two proxy servers (one as the
> default) just as one does with DNS nameservers, and run a proxy server
> (without cache) on another system just in case the main server fails.
> Has this been discussed before and have Netscape or NCSA indicated it might
> be a possibility?

This is definitely a good idea but I haven't heard of any implementations
that actually do this. However, I have already put it on my working list 
so at least the Line Mode Browser will do it before long ;-)

BTW: If you think that the Line Mode Browser is too simple then it actually
tries all DNS entries before it reports an error back to the user. Have I
mentioned that it also times the connection and takes the fastest IP

The Line Mode browser - THE killer app!

Well, I guess that I got a bit carried away ;-)


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