CERN_httpd discussions (Was Re: Proxy Servers and Suffix types)

>   since its inception, this list has effectively been a user support list for
>     CERN httpd.  would it not be preferable to create a new mailing list for
>     this purpose, for example, cern-httpd@w3.org?  especially now that
>     httpd@info.cern.ch has ceased to answer questions.

I suggest that three mailinglists is set up in the same manner as the three
Exmh mailinglists (<URL:ftp://parcftp.xerox.com/pub/exmh/html/maillist.html>)

They are named exhm-announce, exmh-users and exmh-workers and contains:

 exmh-announce: announcements, light traffic.
 exmh-users:    everything from exmh-announce and also Q&As, more traffic.
 exhm-workers:  everything from the two above and also development discussions.

Suitable names for httpd: httpd-announce, httpd-users and httpd-dev.

I think this is a very good way to handle different aspects of a developing
software that at the same time is as popular as both CERN_httpd and Exmh are.

Would this be possible to adopt?


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