Re: round robin DNS and WWW servers

On Fri, 17 Mar 1995, LaCoursiere J. D. wrote:

> I am anticipating a heavy load for our internal WWW server.  Has anyone
> experimented with Bind's round robin feature to load balance local web
> traffic?  I have in mind setting up two or three identical web servers
> and giving them all the same name in DNS, using th eround robin feature
> to distribute the load...
	Even if you choose to use Bind's round-robin feature,
	you must still deal with the caching of ip addresses by
	other hosts and name servers. If you have one or two heavy
	users on hosts who both happened to receive the same IP
	address from the DNS server, they will completely hog that
	one host and continue to ignore the others. Load balancing
	using this method will probably be only mildly effective.