Re: URI host part changes when accessing default files

You (Craig.Bishop@barwonwater.vic.gov.au) write:
>We have TIS plug-gw on our bastion host, on the firewall,
>directing port 80 to an internal host running the CERN server.
>The bastion host has a "www" CNAME.
>However, the URI in the above mail header will not work. If you
>add a / to end it works.

This will turn it into a valid URL.  Adding / is important in operations that
add or subtract URL tails: proxy handling, other redirections, the resolution
of relative URLs, and more.


>Thoughts? Thanks.

Use valid URLs.  Most programs will accept


(mostly by adding the missing / before doing any further processing)
but these URLs are invalid really.

Reinier Post						 reinpost@win.tue.nl

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