URI host part changes when accessing default files

We have TIS plug-gw on our bastion host, on the firewall,
directing port 80 to an internal host running the CERN server.
The bastion host has a "www" CNAME.

However, the URI in the above mail header will not work. If you
add a / to end it works.

The automatic redirection of a directory without a trailing
slash to one with a trailing slash seems to change the host
part of the URI.

The automatic redirection works for the root ie. http://www.barwonwater.vic.gov.au bit for nothing else.
An initial connection is made to www.barwonwater.vic.gov.au.
Then the connection is made to collect the data but that
connection is made to the internal host not the

The internal connection fails because it is blocked.

Thoughts? Thanks.

Craig Bishop				csb@BarwonWater.Vic.Gov.Au
Information Systems, Barwon Water	Ph: +61 52 262506
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